3 questions to ask before the interview

Once you’ve agreed to go along for an interview, it’s likely that you’ll be spending your time researching the company and brushing up on your interview skills.

Many candidates don’t feel comfortable contacting the business or recruitment agency that’s arranged the interview, but there are a few key questions you can ask before the interview takes place.

Now before you start sending emails fishing for clues on what you’ll be asked on the day, that’s not what I mean. These questions directly relate to the meeting itself.

1. Clear directions
Turning up late for an interview because you got lost, took the wrong bus or didn’t give yourself quite enough time to get there is just an excuse for poor planning.

With plenty of online maps available, there really is no reason why you can’t be on time for your interview. However, if you’re still not 100% certain on the location of the interview venue then just pick up the phone and ask! The employer would rather you ask the question prior to the interview than you turn up late – or not at all.

2. Who’s interviewing you
It’s crucial to know who’s going to be conducting your interview as it gives you the opportunity to do a little research on them so you can come up with some questions relevant to their role in the company.

If you’ll be interviewed by several people, aiming your questions at the best placed person to answer them shows you’ve done your homework and have taken an interest in their particular field.

3. Appointment times
If you’ve come to the realisation that you can’t make the interview at the appointed time for any reason, don’t just cancel or even worse fail to turn up.

The employer has taken an interest in your skills and experience for a reason and if you are struggling with the time and date you’ve been given then it’s well worth explaining the situation and asking if there’s any wiggle room to change.

So there are a few questions to ask before the interview that are acceptable to employers and if you’re ensure of any the points above, it’s always best to just pick up the phone and ask.