4 tools for combatting nerves during interviews

Combatting nerves during interviews is far easier said than done. During my time in recruitment, I’ve pretty much encountered the whole spectrum of nervous behaviours – from stutters, rambling, erratic hand movements to candidates simply clamming up I’ve seen it all.

Sadly, if you do exhibit some of these behaviours, your unlikely to showcase your talents properly as your too fixated on controlling your nerves in front of the employer.

Getting things under control before you head of to your interview is crucial if you want them to take more notice of your personality, skills and experience than how nervous you are. Therefore, here are some of my top tried and tested tips for gaining control and boosting your confidence ready for that all important meeting.

Everyone gets nervous
If you weren’t even a little nervous at the prospect or going for an interview I’d be worried. Even the best of us get a little jittery meeting new people and putting ourselves out there so you’re far from alone.

The people who seem most at ease during an interview are those that have taken time out to prepare for the interview, so do your homework on the company and read through your CV thoroughly so you feel more confident answering any questions the interview might have in these areas.

Practice makes perfect
If you worried you’re going to go to pieces once the questions begin, then try doing a few trial runs with friends and family. There’s literally hundreds of sample interview questions available online, so download a few pages and get someone to ask you some at random so you can practise responses before the interview.

Interviews work both ways
Don’t feel that interviews are totally one-sided, they’re also your opportunity to find out more about the position and you’ll find that the interviewers will welcome your questions. Have some prepared beforehand so you can get used to the idea of communicating with the employer and that this process is an exchange of information for both parties.

Breaking the ice
Most employers won’t just sit you down and start firing questions at you, they’ll welcome you and exchange a few pleasantries before they begin. Use this time to get used to your surroundings and allow anyone interviewing you to introduce themselves, after all they’ve all been in exactly the same situation as you are now at some point and won’t bite.

Using these tips will help you overcome nervousness during interviews so you can concentrate on showcasing your talents and why you’re a perfect fit for the role. Best of luck!