48% of Hiring Managers confess to not checking CV’s

A new study has discovered that 48% of hiring managers are not checking CV’s to assess the validity of qualifications.

The survey also showed that almost 9% of job applicants have lied about their qualifications with many never having the deception discovered due to the employer failing to carry out the correct checks with Colleges and Universities.

The process involved in checking CV’s varies from one business to another, with many organisations stating that if the candidate seems suitably experienced, then they often waive further investigation into their qualifications.

With as many as 14% of hiring managers admitting that they had later discovered that the candidate had fabricated qualifications on their CV but had already started work, it seems that more rigid processes need to be put in place during the recruitment process to ensure that the best candidate for the role is selected and their qualifications confirmed before an offer of employment is made.

The most significant risk to businesses who fail to carry out proper verification of CV’s is poor performance from under-qualified staff. Although the reason why candidates lie on their CV’s is clear, many believe that a few white lies won’t matter and that they’ll be able to carry out the tasks assigned to the role regardless of if they have the correct qualifications.

Dependent upon the industry, this won’t just have a detrimental effect on the employee’s suitability for the job, but in some circumstance it can also be dangerous.

Imagine you employ a new team member in your HR department who doesn’t understand data protection laws having never actually received any qualification or training on the subject? Not only do you risk personal information falling into the wrong hands, but your company’s reputation too.

Checking CV’s and verifying qualifications and experience may be mean a little more time being added to your recruitment process, but failure to do so can have severe consequences.

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