6 good reasons to change career

At some time or another, we all question if our current career is what we want to be doing for the rest of our working lives. Maybe you’ve reached the end of the line development wise or perhaps your circumstances have changed. Regardless of the reasons to change career, before you take the next step, take a look at the most common reasons for a change in direction.

Change in circumstances

Life changes, and whilst when you first started out in your current career it fitted around your lifestyle that might not be the case now. You may have started a family and gained new responsibilities that don’t fit in with your hectic work schedule. This is a very common reason to change career but before you look for new opportunities, ask yourself if you’d still be happy in your job if it fitted in with your new lifestyle.

If so, it might be worth asking if you can amend your hours or see if your manager might offer some flexibility when it comes to hours.

Industry Outlook

Whilst things might have looked promising in your field when you chose to enter into your profession, the outlook might be somewhat different today. The opportunities pool might be drying up before your very eyes, but before you start worrying just remember that a lot of skills are transferable.

Look for new opportunities with a better long-term outlook that can make the use of the experience and skills you’ve already gained. If you’re stuck for ideas, speak to a member of our team who will suggest some suitable new roles.

Job Burnout

If you’re no longer springing out of bed each morning and looking forward to the day ahead, then is possible that your struggling with job burnout. Often, switching companies doesn’t help the situation and before long you’re in the same situation that you found yourself in with your previous employer.

Now might be the time to step up to a new challenge and move into something a little different.

Money matters

Although you might feel that you’re worth more in terms of salary, it might come as a surprise that a bigger pay packet doesn’t always mean you’ll be happy at work. True job satisfaction is a mix of work / life balance, a positive working environment, career development and a suitable level of financial remuneration.

Take some time out to decide if the money element really is that important to you, and if so, talk to your employer about the prospect of a raise. If this is a definite no, then it’s time to look elsewhere for higher earning opportunities.

The reasons to change career can be multiple, but in order to find a new career path that offers everything you want to suit your lifestyle you’ll first need to uncover exactly what it is your looking for in a new role.

Once you’ve done this, speak to our team of experienced recruitment specialists who can help advise you on the perfect career change.

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