81% of candidates would take a pay cut for dream job

The days where a healthy pay packet was enough to lure good quality candidates to a vacancy are well and truly over, and the latest research backs up our claims that it’s not all about the money when it comes to attracting candidates.

Even after the EU referendum and the economic uncertainty the UK faces following the vote, candidates are still striving to achieve the best career opportunities available and are putting their career progression as a priority over a hefty salary.

CV Library surveyed 2,000 employees and asked them to discuss their priorities when seeking out new career opportunities. The results reveal some interesting trends that any employer should bear in mind when seeking to recruit new staff to their business.
• 81.9 of respondents would be willing to take a pay cut if offered their dream job
• 73.3% stated career progression was an important factor when considering accepting a new role
• 54.4% of workers would be influenced by workplace perks and benefits
• 51.9% felt that the job title was important
• 31.7% stated they would be more likely to take the role if it had ‘manager’ in the title
• 24.4% of respondents stated job enjoyment was critical
• 53.6% of candidates would not be willing to relocate for a job
The recent survey also uncovered more key elements of the decision making process candidates go through when considering moving into a new role. These include, salary (22.3%), job location (10.7%), team the candidate would be working with (10%) and job responsibilities (9.9%).

Keeping these findings in mind when creating job adverts and offers of employment can help employers navigate the skills shortage and engage good quality candidates, but should you need help and assistance creating an effective candidate attraction strategy then the Appointments team are here to help.