90% of candidates opt for flexible working jobs

In a recent study of 3,000 office workers, over 90% of candidates said they would opt for position that offered flexible working.

When provided with two virtually identical job descriptions with the only difference between the two being that one position offered the opportunity for flexible working, an overwhelming 92% of respondents chose this option rather than the fixed location role.

Flexible working is seen by candidates as a way to restore a better work / life balance and to help them continue to carry out other responsibilities outside of working hours. The survey highlighted the reasoning behind the respondent’s choices, and many believed that the ability to slightly tailor their hours and avoid rush hour traffic would significantly increase their quality of life and increase their interest in a role.

Statistics have also shown that as well as aiding candidate attraction for employers who offer flexible working, the employees that hold such positions are more productive and less likely to take time off work due to illness or stress related issues.

The reason for increased productivity is cited as less interruptions for colleagues and office noise and many employees that work outside of the office generally tend to put in slightly more hours a day to finish important tasks or projects.

Their also a lot happier too as flexible working gives them the ability to amend their hours if necessary to fit around family life and other responsibilities. This in turn has proven to increase staff motivation and lower employee turnover rates.

Although flexible working won’t work for every organisation, for those that choose to implement it for some roles the benefits are clear to see. As well as attracting candidates to your vacancies, those offered flexible working are likely to be more productive and fully committed to staying with the company long term.

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