Top Questions For Accountancy And Finance Interviews?

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Kerry Bonfiglio-Bains.

Appointments Personnel founder and CEO

Whether you're an experienced interviewer looking for inspiration or you're new to interviews our accountancy and finance questions will deliver the results you need.

Interviews are your opportunity to dig into the depth of candidate knowledge and get a good insight into how they respond to different situations. With over 20 years of experience interviewing accountancy and finance candidates, we've selected our top questions to ask. Our questions should not only assess their analytical skills and knowledge but help you determine how well they will fit into the rest of your team and add value to your team overall.

In today's unpredictable work environment our Interview questions will:

  • Help you assess hard and soft skills critical to the success of a professional finance team.
  • Stop you asking the wrong questions
  • Save you time on costly recruitment mistakes.

No matter if you're recruiting for an accountant, purchase ledger, credit controller, finance manager or someone to join your payroll team they will help you filter out the best talent for you.

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