Age discrimination still exists in the modern workplace

Age discrimination is something that companies have battled to remove from their hiring processes for decades, but it seems that mature jobseekers still feel at a disadvantage when applying for new positions.

A study carried out by Totaljobs has revealed that 63% of 55-64 year-old candidates have at some point felt discriminated against by employers because of their age and see this as a huge hindrance to them securing a new position.

Although major changes have been successfully implemented over the last twenty years to remove age discrimination, unfortunately some employers are still unconsciously bias against the more mature candidates.

A good example of this can often been seen in the job advert itself, where an employer might state that they’re seeking ‘young and enthusiastic sales people’ which would directly discriminate against older candidates.

Another area where age discrimination can sneak in is the interview itself, where older candidates have commented that their ability to carry out physically demanding tasks is questioned due to their age.

The examples above can and do still occur during the recruitment process and to ensure that employers steer clear of the potential legal pitfalls when it comes to age discrimination, it is imperative that anyone who is involved tin recruiting new employees is aware of the impact of discrimination and the steps that need to be taken to avoid it.

Even the most innocent of questions or smallest of errors on a job advert can land employers in hot water, so expert advice can help employers steer clear of age discrimination and avoid costly legal proceedings.

For free advice on how to protect against age discrimination in your recruitment process, speak to one of our qualified and experienced recruitment specialists today on 01782 338787 and help safeguard against discrimination the next time you’re looking to hire a new employee.

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