Aim high: how to get that promotion at work

Working your way up the career ladder can be hard, after all no one really offers you any valuable help and advice on how to pass them in the management race for career success.

Knowing how to get your first promotion at work in an excellent starting point on your journey, you just need a little guidance and a whole lot of ambition to get you on your way.

Here are my personal top tips on how to get that promotion at work that others tend to keep to themselves:

Get Noticed
Now I’m not talking about pestering the boss with any minor achievements here. Getting noticed is far more than just blowing your own trumpet. Go to work with a positive outlook and a wiliness to help and support others and over time your efforts will get noticed for all the right reasons.

See challenges as opportunities
It’s easy to step back and rely on others when the going gets tough, but if you’re serious about getting that promotion then now’s the time to step up. Make that hurdle into your chance to shine and show the management that your confident and capable of overcoming any challenges you might face and create a good example for others in your team.

Work one level up
If you’re looking at moving up to a management level, then keep an eye out for opportunities to try your hand at the role you’ve got your eye on. If a senior colleague seems to be struggling with a heavy workload, or is due to go away on holiday then why not offer to help ease the strain and ask them if there is anything you could perhaps take on temporarily.

If your assigned as task and do it well, then you’ve got a new skill under your belt and some serious ammo ready for when a vacancy comes available.

Back it up
You might be working your tail off, but without the skills and knowledge necessary for the role you want you’re not going to get far. Make it your plan to gain as much knowledge as possible and volunteer your time to fill any gaps in your skills.

Not only will this arm you with the knowledge you need, but people will begin to notice that your looking to better your skills base and move up the career ladder.