Are you a ‘job jumper’?

It might seem like a strange term, but a ‘job jumper’ refers to someone who during their working life has had a multitude of different positions with various employers.

And what’s wrong with that, I hear you ask?

From an employer perspective it can bring about an assumption that you get bored easily, have no real sticking power and are more than likely to leave after a short period of time. For a business, the process of employing a new member of staff and providing them with any initial training while they settle in can be costly and time consuming, so you can bet that they want to hang on to as many of their staff as they can for as long as possible.

It’s not unusual to see those who’ve just joined the workforce from school, college or university having a few different jobs in varied roles on their CV, in fact it’s seen as a good thing as it means that they’ve been able to balance their studies with employment.

However, it’s a different story if this ‘job jumping’ continues.

So how do you convince an employer that you’re a committed candidate if you’ve got a large amount of previous jobs on your CV?

Reasons for leaving
When an employer looks at your CV they try to build up a picture of your skills, experience and personal characteristics. Seeing a long list of jobs might leave them to question your staying power, so if you do have valid reasons for having more than the average amount of jobs on your CV it’s important to say why.

You might have undertaken temporary or contract work that’s bumped this number up, or wanted to explore different roles to find the best fit for you before committing to one particular area. If this is the case, make a note of it on your CV.

Build on skills
One way that you can show the fact that you’ve had a variety of jobs is a good thing is to lead the employer to see this from the perspective that you’ve been gaining experience and skills from a wide range of roles and sectors.

Skills are easily transferable from one role to the next so by highlighting the experience and skills you gained in relation to the role that you’re applying for can show that you’ve experienced several different roles could be a positive thing for their business.

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