Are you setting yourself up for job search failure?

So, you’ve decided that it’s time to re-launch your job search and take a serious look around what’s available in the current job market. Well you’ve certainly picked an ideal time as the current job market is brimming with opportunities!

But with so many job adverts out their vying for your attention, it really pays to do some ground work before you throw yourself into a serious job search. If you fail to prepare for your job search in advance, then you’re sure to end up with a job hunting headache

Give some of these pointers a whirl to help you see through the clutter and focus your job search.

Get your CV updated!

I can’t stress this one enough, there’s nothing more frustrating than seeing your dream job then realising you haven’t even looked at your CV in the last three years. Give it some TLC and as soon as you spot that opportunity that’s just too good to ignore then your good to go!

Know what you want

With so many vacancies out there just waiting to be filled, now might be the time to give your career that little lift you’ve been hoping for. Check out your professional networks on LinkedIn to see what others in your field are up to as you might just find someone in a role that you’ve not considered but could be right up your street.

Reach out

While we’re on the subject of professional networks, now is an ideal time to make some new connections. Reach out to professionals or people you admire in your industry and don’t be afraid to ask for career tips and advice. You never know, they could be willing to help you in your search or have vacancies of their own that you could be suitable for.

Social media suicide

Employers can and do look at prospective employees social media profiles, so maybe it’s time you removed that profile picture of your last boozy night out and took a look at your account through the eyes of an employer.

Don’t risk viewers making incorrect assumptions about you from your social media profile and for the time being keep things a little lower key if needed.

Get organised

Here’s the boring bit, keeping tabs on exactly what you’ve applied for and with whom. With so many really good opportunities out there, it’s easy to go application crazy and completely lose track. I speak to plenty of candidates on a daily basis who have literally applied for so many new positions that they don’t have the foggiest who I am to begin with.

Create your own system, save job ads to a desktop folder with your own notes so you’re on the ball once responses start flooding in.

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