How to stop sabotaging your candidate application numbers

Stop sabotaging your applicant numbers

Are your candidate application numbers falling short of the response you expected? With high employment rates and so many opportunities available for potential jobseekers then it’s easy blame a strong economy for a lower than average number of CV’s for each vacancy. However, there are a few elements that seriously put candidates off applying for…

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How temp work supports modern lifestyles

could temping support your lifestyle

Following on from recent surveys, it’s apparent that as individuals we’ve never been so busy. Juggling work, family commitments and other responsibilities can leave us feeling completely frazzled – but what if there was a way of restoring the perfect work / life balance? More and more people are tuning in to the benefits of…

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How to write the ultimate covering letter

Writing a covering letter that stands out

Although the popularity of covering letters has waned in recent years, some employers still insist that you provide one or a covering email when submitting your job application. By ignoring their request and just applying without one, you run the risk of being perceived as someone who can’t follow simple instructions, are unable to create…

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Top 3 salary negotiation tips

Salary negotiation tips

With many workers across Staffordshire and Cheshire thinking of asking for a pay rise as the cost of living increases, you’ll want to make sure that you give yourself the best opportunity to land an increase to your pay with some of our top salary negotiation tips. Asking your boss to bump up your pay…

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How to be sure it’s the right job for you

Checking it's the right job for you

Like many candidates I speak to on a daily basis, you’re probably casting your net far and wide to find the right job for you. You might have several interviews lined up already, and that’s why it’s important that you get the most out of your up and coming meetings to be 100% certain that…

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Why was my job offer rejected?

Why was your job offer rejected

The recruitment process can be a time consuming and intensive process, so when you think you’ve found the perfect person for the role only for them to reject your job offer it’s natural to be disappointed. Your job offer may have been rejected for several factors and reasons but instead of becoming frustrated at the…

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Why career coaching could work for you

Career coaching

When you’re stuck in a role that makes you miserable, or know where you’re headed career-wise but aren’t sure how to get there, then career coaching could work for you. Career coaching has really taken off in recent years and with good reason. No longer a tool for those earning a high income, access to…

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Job Search Etiquette

Job search etiquette rules

Like many social situations, there’s a list of unwritten rules of how to behave. Job search etiquette follows similar guidelines, and it pays to be aware of what’s expected to give your application the best possible chance of being viewed in a favourable light. Here’s our four top tips on job search etiquette when looking…

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Understanding your contract of employment

Understanding your contract of employement

Everyone has a contract of employment, many of us will have a printed version whilst some may never have actually been given a paper version. Regardless of if you have a verbal or written contract of employment, they are still a binding agreement between yourself and your employer. Your contract of employment can be tricky…

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Use LinkedIn to boost your job search

LinkedIn profile can boost your job search

LinkedIn was created as an online social networking platform for professionals. You should use it to connect and forge productive and successful working relationships worldwide with professionals in your field. However, there are a number of elements where you can fail to follow the codes of conduct expected of a professional network which can damage…

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