Biggest interview fears (and how to overcome them)

You’ve experienced it before, that gut wrenching nervousness as the days pass and your interview date slowly creeps closer and closer. Interview fears and mild anxiety are very common for jobseekers and you’re far from alone in experiencing them.

A recent survey posted on Facebook asked jobseekers what their biggest interview fears were and the results will probably sound very familiar.

Here’s the top four interview fears and tips on how to overcome them.

Not having the right answers – 36%

Sometime interviewers like to throw curveballs at candidates to see how much they know about their company and their experience and commitment to the role on offer.

My top tip here for overcoming this is to research the business, practice responding to questions and prepare good answers. That way whatever questions the interviewer throws at you you’ll have a far better chance of giving them an answer that sounds good.

Dressing correctly – 5%

Being well dressed for an interview can still be a concern for many, especially those who are trying to get their first career break or returning to work after a prolonged break away from the workforce.

I’d say your best bet is to dress with caution and choose a smart, tailored and mostly corporate looking outfit that gives you a neat and professional appearance.

Drawing a blank – 52%

By far the biggest interview fear is drawing a blank. There you are with the hiring manager awaiting your response and you just freeze, unable to think or get your words out.

Take a deep breath, relax and smile is my best advice. Take a moment to consider the question again and if you aren’t 100% sure or don’t know the answer then it’s best to come clean or you might risk tripping yourself up later on in the interview.

Forgetting someone’s name – 7%

This happens a lot, after all there’s an awful lot of information you need to take in as soon as you walk through those doors. Forgetting someone’s name is embarrassing, but not unforgiveable given the circumstances.

To overcome this interview fear, I suggest that if you don’t already know who’s going to be interviewing you on the day then try and find out via email or make a quick phone call. That way you can spend a few days trying to commit this to memory before the big day.

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