Can temping offer an easy route back into work?

Having taken an extended period of time of work for family commitments or illness, the prospect of returning to work can be pretty scary.

Many candidates tell me that after taking a break from employment, their confidence in the workplace isn’t what it was. For those that have been out of the swing of things for a while, the worry that their skills might not be up to scratch is a common concern.

So when you’re faced by the idea of stepping back into a role it’s completely understandable to be nervous. Who wouldn’t be?

But just because you’re thinking of returning to work, who says that it has to be a full-time permanent thing?

Many of our candidates enjoy the flexibility temping gives them, some prefer to work a small number of roles throughout the year to fit around other commitments whilst others use it to re-enter the job market after a break.

Temping also gives you the opportunity to work in various industries and roles, which is ideal if you’re looking for a more long term career but are unsure of what you want to do long term

The temp market is booming right now, with clients crying out for skilled workers. And with demand continuing to grow, temporary workers can really make the most of the opportunities on offer and access a wide variety of roles in a multitude of different industries.

Employers’ legal obligations now the same for temporary or contract workers as their permanent counterparts, so there’s no risk of being short changed if you decide to take up a temporary role.

86 per cent of employers also reported their intention to add to their headcount over the next three months, so for anyone considering their next career move now is the time to ensure that your CV and interview skills are up to scratch.

We can help!

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