Consistent Office Support As & When You Need It

Who – Existing Client wanting ad hoc support

An existing client of Appointments approached us to discuss additional support to help them manage their holiday and sickness cover in back-office roles. Their relationship with Appointments Personnel meant that they knew that we could offer reliable, flexible support as and when they needed it.

What – Cover for holiday and Sickness

Whilst the company were aware they could use temporary staff; they had already tried this with another agency and found it frustrating that they would consistently receive different temporary workers and would have to spend time training unfamiliar staff. They wanted people who would slot into the business as and when they needed them who were familiar with their processes to reduce onboarding issues each time.

How – Specific recruitment drive for temporary staff

To resolve the issue the Appointments team began a recruitment drive specifically for general office support staff. We were looking specifically for staff that were happy to be “on-call” and work on a flexible basis for this particular client.

Outcome – Extended team available to slot in when needed for cover

Appointments innovative and “out the box” thinking meant the client was easily able to cover holidays and sickness absence without having to spend time introducing a new member of staff to the team or training someone new each time. The new team members became an extended part of the team who could slot into the business easily and start supporting the rest of the back office team straightaway.

If you are looking for occasional temporary or flexible staff to cover holiday, or sickness absence give us a call. Contact the Appointments team today on 01782 338787 to discuss your specific requirements. Whatever your recruitment issue we’ll help you find a solution