Building Trust With 100-Day Refund


At Appointments, we work with a range of SMEs throughout Staffordshire and Cheshire. Emma our Managing Director had recently been talking to a local service-based business about their recruitment needs.

Finding the right recruitment agency

The business was reluctant to work with a recruitment partner following a previous negative experience. They’d used an agency to recruit a new member of staff, but after just 6 weeks the new employee left the business. Sometimes things don’t work out for lots of reasons, however, the business was unable to to get a refund on the placement fees as this was outside the terms of the agency’s rebate policy. Understandably, this negative experience made them a little nervous and reluctant to work with recruitment agencies again.

Understanding your business

Emma spent time with the business, getting to know the role they were recruiting for. She wanted to be confident she understood both the technical requirements, as well as the culture of the company and what it was like to work there. Emma also suggested using Appointments’ 100-day refund service to make sure they were happy with the services and support provided. Emma  reassured the company about the level of support they would receive and gave them the confidence to engage Appointments on an exclusive basis.

Outcome – the perfect job match

Once the green light was given our resourcing team began the search for applicants. We found and placed the successful candidate within just 6 weeks and the refund service was never needed. It’s important to us to match the best person to the role. So we refuse to put a candidate or CV forward unless we’re sure they are an ideal match.

Our 100-day refund policy shows how confident we are in our ability to offer a great service. If you’re struggling to find that perfect candidate contact our team today. Contact us 01782 338787 and find out how we can form the perfect recruitment partnership.

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