Are you ready to recruit?

Get ready to recruit

The beginning of the year is always a really popular time for people looking for a new job after having time to think about what they want in the new year over the holiday break. If you want to pick up the best candidates for your recruitment drive, you’ll need to make sure you’re ready…

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Why your Business needs a Recruitment Plan

Why your business needs a recruitment plan

A 2021 CIPD Resourcing survey reported that just 30% of organisations report that their CEO has had talent management, including talent attraction, as a key priority over the last 12 months. This represents a substantial fall compared with 2020 at 48%, and 2017 at 54%. Clearly, the immediate challenges of the pandemic demanded a different…

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Is Psychometric Testing the right tool to use?

Psychometric tests assess culture fit

Today there is a vast range of psychometric tests on the market, used routinely to identify and/or help develop individuals for appropriate roles in many different industries. Some organisations use them routinely for most roles, while others select them for specific roles. It pays to understand the tangible benefits of the tools; the why and…

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