Does your CV pass the 6 second test?

With many employers being inundated with CV’s, it’s not surprising that they have very little time to spend on each CV.

But it might come as a bit of a shock if I told you that the time spent looking at applications can be as little as just six seconds!

How on earth do you manage to get an employer to make a favourable judgement on your CV and add it to the ‘yes’ pile in so little time I hear you ask?

As the MD of a team of experienced and qualified Recruitment Consultants, I’ll tell you – it’s all about the headers and bullet points.

Have you ever tried to absorb three of four large paragraphs of information whilst attempting to pick out key pieces of information? Difficult isn’t it? However, if you use well placed headers and bullet points to highlight this information then it’s far easier for you to quickly present your key skills, qualifications and experiences whilst making your entire CV easier to navigate.

Here are the key headers that you should be using to help any employer find the information they need quickly and easily:

• Your name and contact information
• Qualifications and training
• Previous role titles and dates
• Key responsibilities

Under these headers or sub headers, use bullet points with the information that is most relevant to the role you are applying for.

With previous roles, it’s a good idea to put your previous employers company name and job title in bold to help them stand out. Next, take a look at the employer’s job spec and bullet point the responsibilities of the role with the most relevant at the top so they are the first thing the employer will notice whilst skimming over your CV.

If you’d like some free expert advice on how to get your CV ready to pass the six second rule, make an appointment at our CV Surgery by calling 01782 338787 or email


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