Do you have the perfect job?

A recent survey of UK employees has unveiled the qualities that jobseekers value most and have complied a shortlist of what makes the perfect job in the eyes of the British workforce.

As candidates, we’re becoming more and more discerning when looking for a new role. After all, with so many great opportunities available, why shouldn’t we be choosy?

Here’s what opinions the recent survey uncovered, how does your current role measure up?

  • Competitive pay & benefits package – 22%
    Job security – 16%
    Work/Life balance – 9%
    Good work location – 8%
    Interesting role – 8%
    Good work atmosphere – 8%
    Financially secure employer – 5%
    Flexible hours – 5%
    Career development – 4%                                                                                                                  Good training package – 4%

Although a good pay package with benefits tops the list, the results just go to show that the perfect job isn’t just about a healthy salary with many respondents thinking more along the times of a secure future and a better quality of life as their top priorities.

But money still features heavily in our perception of the perfect job, so it’s important that any job whether it be current or future, measures up against the industry average.

Of course, the importance of the elements above will vary dependant on your current circumstances, stage of your career and family responsibilities so it’s up to you to paint the perfect picture that suits you.

But just be aware that employers are getting wise to the fact that candidates are expecting more from them when it comes to new opportunities and many of them are going out of their way to tailor perfect job packages in a bid to attract talent to their businesses.

If you feel that you’re settling for a role that doesn’t quite tick all of the boxes for you, then talk to a friendly and experienced member of the Appointments team so will work on your behalf to match your career aspirations with the perfect job.