Do you want to climb the career ladder?…Yes! Well here is how to do it.

So you’re looking to move up the career ladder, but going into your manager’s office all guns blazing is unlikely to yield any results.

No matter how much you want (or deserve) that promotion, you’ll need to convince the powers that be that you’re ready and capable of stepping up to the plate.

What you need is an action plan to track your successes and boost your potential to get ahead.

Here’s a few pointers to get you on your way.

Suss out any opportunities

Before you start planning your rise in the corporate world, you need to find out exactly what opportunities are out there. Has someone recently left the business who was a rung or two above you? Or has the company experienced growth and you’ve identified a need for a line manager, supervisor or middle manager?

Once you’ve set your sights on a particular role it’ll be far easier to formulate your plan on how you’re going to bag that position.

Identify any shortfalls

Now you’ve got a role to focus on, take a look at your own skills and experience – is there anything that you may be lacking that the position you’re aiming for requires?

If necessary, now’s the time to start making steps towards filling any gaps you might have on your CV so that you’re in a far stronger position to put yourself forward should the vacancy arise. If you’re lucky enough to already have everything the role requires, then it’s time to move onto the final step.

Log your successes

As you’ve got your eye on a promotion, chances are some of your colleagues might be thinking the exact same thing. You need to prove why you’re the best choice and most deserving of a foot up the corporate ladder and one way to do this is keep a record of any achievements, no matter how small.

For any successful project or recognition you receive for a job well done make a note of it on a spreadsheet or Word document. When you get the opportunity to put forward your case for promotion, having this information to hand will help prove your suitability and act as a reminder to the decision makers on just how much you have to offer.

Good luck!