Effective candidate sourcing: a quick guide

Effective candidate sourcing is the cornerstone of any recruitment strategy and the key to successfully filling your vacancies.

Knowing where and how to source the best candidates can be a little confusing with the explosion of digital recruitment and with so many channels available you need to be 100% that any you choose to use are effective in engaging the best talent.

The thing to remember about effective candidate sourcing is that no one channel will give you all the candidates you need in order to make an informed decision on who to take forward to interview. Therefore, it’s essential that you utilise a selection of the following channels and tactics in order to get the best results and maximise your application numbers.

Jobs Boards
90% of job seekers will go online to begin their search for a new position, so it’s imperative that you do your research into the jobs boards that are most used by your ideal candidates. Getting the right deal for you does require some time seeking out the jobs boards that offer the right advertisement periods, application process and online visibility.

This can seem like an overwhelming task, so if your struggling to navigate online jobs board then drop me a line for some free advice.

If you’re looking to add to your existing team then ask your staff to refer any friends or family members that might be currently in a similar position to the one you’re hoping to fill. They may have also kept in touch with colleagues from a previous employer and often by giving a small incentive, you can gain access to passive candidates who might be a perfect fit for your vacancy.

Your website
If you’ve built up a solid reputation as a good employer, then chances are this could be a great channel for effective candidate sourcing. Job seekers expect to see your latest vacancies on your website, so use this channel to your advantage by ensuring that you don’t just include open positions, but why your company is such a great place to work too.

A helping hand
With the skills shortage still continuing to result in less good quality candidates available, having a recruitment consultant with access to a talent pool and a network of professional and highly skilled candidates at your disposal gives you the competitive edge when it comes to sourcing and engaging the best talent.

Not only will a qualified and knowledgeable recruitment professional know the best channels and have access to passive jobseekers, but they’ll also be able to give you advice on the best candidate attraction strategies and work on your behalf to make introductions.

For help in implementing an effective candidate sourcing strategy, speak to a member of the Appointments team today on 01782 338787 or email office@appointmentspersonnel.co.uk