Employee Christmas party pitfalls

For those of us lucky enough to have a Christmas party to attend this year, it offers one of the best opportunities for us to celebrate the past 12 months with colleagues and really let our hair down.

However, occasionally some of us can take things a little too far and our actions at the party can have serious repercussions and have a negative impact on our future career prospects within the company.

Here are the top four employee pitfalls of the work Christmas party and what to avoid this festive season.

Drink driving
It’s really tempting to have just one more glass of bubbly (especially if the company is footing the bill) but drink driving is a real no-no. Aside from all of the other reasons why it’s a bad idea to drink and drive, you could find yourself in the situation where you lose your licence for an extended period of time.

If driving is part of your role, then your employer isn’t going to be very sympathetic to the news that you’re unable to carry out your responsibilities because you no longer have a valid driver’s licence.

Employers are under no legal obligation to find you another position is you are unable to carry out the duties of your current role, so think twice before accepting that second drink.

Social media policies
There’s nothing wrong with posting photos to your personal profile of your Christmas night out, but just be mindful of your companies social media policy and those connected to the business that are likely to see these images.

I’m sure Denise from Finance wouldn’t be too happy about seeing that photo of her falling over on the dancefloor splashed all over Facebook, so just take the feeling of others into account and consider how this reflects on you, your colleagues and the business as a whole before you press the post button.

Calling in sick
If you’re due into work the next day but seriously over did it on the booze the night before, it’s highly unlikely that this went unnoticed by your managers. Where possible, book the following day off or negotiate a later start if you know you’ll be enjoying a few drinks at the event.

Calling in sick with some flimsy excuse because you went a bit overboard alcohol-wise puts additional strain on the business and won’t make you too popular with the rest of your colleagues that turned up to work as expected.

Christmas parties are a fun perk for all of us, just make sure that you don’t take things a little too far and damage your career prospects when attending this year’s Christmas party.

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