Expect the unexpected: interview tests

Have you ever turned up for an interview only to be completely put on the back foot by being told that interview tests are part of the process?

Thought so.

This is becoming a far more common occurrence with many candidates getting told about these interview tests only after they’ve turned up for their interview. These tests are carried out by employers for several reasons and can vary from short practical assessments to more in-depth and probing behavioural questioning.

So, if you’ve been asked to go and see an employer for a prospective job, make sure you’re aware of the different types of interview tests you might be faced with when you arrive.

Practical tests
Employers want to be 100% certain that you can actually carry out certain elements of the role, so it’s not unusual for them to ask you to take part in a short practical test. Examples of this could include an accurate data entry task, a mock customer service enquiry or proof reading a document for spelling and grammatical errors.

Problem solving tests
For many jobs, you’ll need the ability to think on your feet to help solve problems quickly and efficiently. Employers are more interested in how you go about trying to find a solution than if you solve the problem in the first place as this shows your thought processes and your ability to think outside the box.

These types of interview tests are usually carried out using logic puzzles or real-life company scenarios that you might come up against should you be successful in getting the job.

Personality tests
Knowing how you’ll fit in to the team and company overall is just as important to employers than your ability to do the job. Therefore, personality assessments are one of the most frequently used interview tests that candidates encounter.

These tests give a good overview of your attitude, personality type and general work ethic and are usually scenario based. The best advice here is to answer the questions honestly, as it’s important to both the employer and you as a candidate that you both find the best job fit for your personality.

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