Is your Finance Lead helping you grow your business?

The good accountant who is great with numbers and is really smart on delivery is a trend that many business leaders rely on. But how much return should you truly expect with your finance lead?

The simple answer is more – and you should want more.

A finance lead should be focusing on the growth of the business. If your accountant is stuck in spreadsheets, keeping on top of the books and tackling day to day issues, then they’re not focused on helping the business find new avenues for growth.

An effective Finance Director should be a key member of your senior management team. They should help steer the decisions you make and plan for the future, ensuring the continued success of the business.

They are responsible for setting the financial strategy, grounded in good data and perceptive insights. And they’ll give you reports and analysis your accountant simply can’t.

They should be helping you uncover golden nuggets of information such as:

  • The cost of sales: How much it’s really costing you to win each deal and retain existing customers?
  • How much you’re paying to individual suppliers, what the variations are over time and where you can negotiate discounts?
  • Where there have been significant changes in overheads so you can justify price rises and protect your profit margins.
  • Working Capital – Your Finance lead should drive growth through working capital.
  • Which business opportunities are the most viable to pursue?
  • Where you should be investing your funds next?

If you’re seeking a finance lead for your business, our specialist team sources high calibre candidates for a wide variety of accountancy roles.  To discuss your accountancy recruitment needs, get in touch with us today.

If you are interested in finding out more information please contact Jayne Clarence who is our recruitment lead for accountancy and finance vacancies.