Finding the best job match for your personality

Go into any office and you’re bound to discover several different personality types in various roles. How these individuals selected these roles isn’t just a case of the business having a vacancy at the right time, as the happiest employees actively seek out the best job match for their personalities.

Knowing what the best job match for your personality is really helps when you’re looking to make a career move, as paying attention to your individual character traits can help shed some light on what role would be a perfect fit for you.

Here’s a snippet of the various personality types and suggestions on what type of role could lead to long-term career happiness.

Extraverts – An extravert really enjoys the hustle and bustle of a busy working environment, and loves being part of a team. Ideal roles could include customer service, sales or any call centre position.

Introverts – In direct contrast to extraverts, introverts much prefer working alone or in small groups in a calm and quiet environment. Positions to consider include personal assistant positions, administration roles or anything that requires a peaceful space.

Pragmatists – Pragmatists thrive on solving problems using logic and are highly results drives. Good career matches include roles which involve trouble shooting or problem solving such as accountancy, office management or data analysis.

Caretakers – Caretakers are incredibly practical and love helping others. The best job match for this type of personality include school teachers, social workers, care workers or reception roles.

Theorists – Inventive and innovative, theorists enjoying thinking outside the box to come up with new solutions to problems. Good job matches include engineers, architects, technical writer or software developer.

Empaths – Empaths are at their happiest when they are working on improving the lives of others or caring for the natural environment. Jobs worth considering if you fall into this personality category include charity worker, vet, landscape architect or environmentalist.

The information above is by no means and exhaustive list, and you’ll probably find that your personality includes a mixed bag of the traits above – the key is finding a position that plays to these characteristics for a happy, and long term career.

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