Getting your first step on the career ladder

If you’ve recently left college or university, then getting your first step on the career ladder can seem like a daunting prospect.

For many leaving some form of full-time education, their lack of experience in paid employment, bare-minimum CV’s and poor interviewing skills is leading them being overlooked for many roles where they could perform well and become a valuable asset for the business.

But if you’re worried about getting your first step on the career ladder, then help is at hand!

Just because you don’t have much relevant experience in the role your applying for shouldn’t put you off applying for the position. Everyone has to start somewhere and there’s a few ways you can side-step your lack of experience.

Previous roles and referees
Lecturers or teachers that know you well can be an excellent alternative for a reference if you don’t have any relevant work experience. They’ll be able to give the employer a valuable insight into your character and ability to produce work to strict deadlines.

If you’ve been employed during your studies, and although these previous employers might be from a completely different sector, it doesn’t mean that the information they would be able to provide in regards to your work ethic, attitude, how well you worked with others and timekeeping or attendance is any less relevant.

CV help
If you’ve not had much work experience, then it’s likely that your CV might be a little sketchy in places compared to those who’ve been in the job market for some time. To help fill it out a little and to showcase how your recently acquired qualifications, part-time job or voluntary work relates to the role you’re applying for you’ll need the help of an experienced recruitment professional.

Our free CV Surgery is open to all jobseekers looking at getting their first step on the career ladder. Our team of qualified and professional recruitment specialists can help highlight your transferrable skills and uncover much sought after talents that employers are seeking in potential new employees. Click here to find out more and book your free appointment.

Interview Training
This can seem like one of the most frightening experiences for new jobseekers, but interviews aren’t as scary when you’ve had a little help and support beforehand. You’ll find the interview jam packed with interview tips, but to be sure you’re receiving the best advice from recruitment professionals who’ve worked in the industry for years, get in touch with one of our friendly consultants today on 01782 338787 who can help you overcome any challenges and get you on that first step of the career ladder.