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Employee retention

How to attract and retain employees in a challenging recruitment market

Employers need to take a wide range of factors into account when they are reviewing…

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Employers asked to think if degree is right qualification

CIPD Encourages Employers To Rethink Qualifications Requested on Job Specifications

Too many employers still using generic degree qualifications to screen candidates, reducing employment opportunities and…

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Stop sabotaging your applicant numbers

How to stop sabotaging your candidate application numbers

Are your candidate application numbers falling short of the response you expected? With high employment…

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National Minimum Wage

The national minimum wage (NMW) and national living wage is a legal right which covers…

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where have all the candidates gone

Where Have All the Candidates Gone

We understand how difficult it is at the moment to recruit office staff in the…

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why was your job offer rejected

Why was your job offer rejected?

The recruitment process can be a time consuming and intensive process, so when you think…

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Salary reward and recognition are both important

Reward and Recognition! Both are equally important!

Here at Appointments Personnel, the notion of ‘total reward strategy’ is not a new concept….

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managing your temps for success

How to Manage Temps for Success

How to Manage Temporary Workers Success There were just over 1.63 million temporary workers (also…

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Attracting talent to manufacturing

Future Focus – Attracting New Talent

If you’re working in manufacturing, or contemplating a career in the sector, you are part…

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