How to get a job using social media

So you’re pretty clued up when it comes to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, but have you ever wondered how to get a job using social media?

Most employers use social media as part of their recruitment strategy nowadays, so it makes sense that you should be utilising these channels as part of your job search.
But first a word of caution – it’s not quite as straight forward as just going around liking or following countless companies in the hope that they’re looking for people just like you. In fact, where many jobseekers fail in getting a job using social media is that they forget to make the right connections or brand themselves effectively.

Let’s break this down into two stages:

Create your social brand
If you’re serious about getting a job using social media, then it’s imperative that you create a good social persona across all platforms. Now we’re all aware that LinkedIn is the number 1 professional social networking site, but if you’re going to be using Facebook or Twitter in your search then the bikini photos and those photos of your latest messy night out really need to go.

I’m not saying replace them with photos of you sat behind your desk, just make sure that only your friends can gain access to anything you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see.

Make the most of any area that asks you to provide details about yourself, your skills, experience and any interests outside of work. If you take part in any activities outside of work that show you in a positive light then great, let people know! However, make sure there’s nothing on your profile or recent posts that could cause an employer concern – regardless if you put it there or not.

The legal bit: Discrimination using social media is a bit of a grey area at the moment, however there have been cases where employers have turned down candidates due to the content of their social media profiles and won their case in the courts. So just bear this in mind when you’re tidying up your profiles in readiness for getting a job using social media.

Make the right connections
Before going all out and connecting, liking and following all the companies you can possibly think of it pays to have a strategy in place when job seeking using social media. If your using LinkedIn, follow well respected people and groups in your industry that have a good reputation and keep your eyes peeled for any job opportunities that arise.

Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to companies and put yourself forward for any upcoming vacancies by using Facebook Messenger or LinkedIn InMail, just make sure you’ve got your profiles in good order first.

Keep an eye on any one or group your following and join in with any conversations that you might have some expertise or experience in as this is a great way to get you noticed by other member (and employers) n the group.

And of course, don’t forget your manners when you’re communicating with anyone online. Imagine you’re in a room with them – if you wouldn’t say it to them face to face then think twice before posting that comment.

Good luck!