How to improve your recruiting skills on a budget

As the MD of a successful recruitment consultancy, one of my real passions is helping smaller businesses who might not have a large budget to improve their recruiting skills. Many opt for a DIY approach to recruitment, some don’t have any HR resources and others are too focused on the day to day running of their businesses to have the time to research and upskill in this area.

But one things for sure, everyone needs to recruit at some stage.

So how can you improve your recruiting skills with a limited budget and limited time?

This can be a real challenge for smaller businesses, especially those who might not have the budget to engage with a professional recruitment agency. However, help is at hand!

Our mission is to help support local businesses to improve their recruitment processes and we’ve recently launched a range of free eGuides and webinars to give expert help and advice. Our ‘Combatting the War for Talent’ webinar and eGuide was a real success, and if you missed it, then click here to view the webinar or click here to download your free eGuide.

Another topic on the top of the list is legal interview processes which we’re currently working on. Again we’ll be hosting a free webinar session open to all and a complimentary eGuide shortly, so if you’re interested in joining us then email and we’ll send you an invite.

This is only the start of our webinar series, and if there’s any particular topic you’d like us to cover then please just let us know! You don’t need to be a client and our webinars and eGuides are free for all businesses.

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