How to keep hold of your new hire

You want to make sure that you’re new employee gets off to a great start as soon as they show up on day one. Have you made sure that your new hire has everything they’ll need? Do you have an induction programme in place? Are they really happy, or just being polite?

Unfortunately, many employers fail to give their new employee the best experience of their business to begin with, so things don’t always get off on the right foot. Over 30% of new hires leave their positions in the first six months of employment, and many cite how they feel in the first few weeks as the catalyst for looking for another job.

But help is at hand, our three top tips below give you everything you need to make sure that your new member of staff is fully prepped and motivated to stay for the long haul.

The Induction

When you’re showing your new employee the ropes, it’s essential that you provide clear and concise instructions of what’s expected of them. Many employees (especially at entry level) feel overwhelmed during their first few days, and this leads to a lack of confidence.

Over 56% of new hires say that they feel that the induction process should be carried out by a manager or senior member of staff who has direct experience with the role. Other tools to help ease your new hire into your company culture include an employee handbook and a review of company policies and procedures so they know where they stand.

On the job training

With 76% of new starters stating that on the job training is the most important aspect of helping them to feel settled in their new role, it’s incredibly important to have a competent member of the team spend as much time as necessary to guide the employee through each task.

Having a mentor or ‘job buddy’ for the first few crucial weeks is an effective way have giving your new starter all the assistance they need, without them feeling that they are constantly interrupting their colleagues with questions or asking for help. Having someone they can go to helps build up an important relationship whilst ensuring they get adequate support and guidance.

Create a welcome committee

It can be a daunting experience stepping into a new role, especially when you’ve just left an organisation where you had a close network of colleagues that you knew well. Many new employees can feel like an outsider when they join a new team, as their colleagues all know each other well and they’re seen as the newbie.

One way to help integrate your new employee into an existing team is to organise after work drinks, or a lunch during the working day. Ask everyone in the team or department to attend so they get the chance to meet everyone properly and have the opportunity to chat without interrupting them whilst they’re working. Making your new team member feel welcome has a massive effect on how happy they’ll feel in their new position, so the cost of a few sandwiches really is worth it.

Remember, the experience your new hire gets of your company in the first few weeks will form a lasting impression so it’s important that you do everything you can to prepare, welcome and settle in your new hire from day one.