How to improve workplace diversity

Workplace diversity is one of the biggest buzzwords of 2016, with the general line of thought that each company should have a workforce that closely resembles the community the business operates in.

Many forward-thinking organisations are putting considerable time and resources into improving their workplace diversity, but as a smaller company with a limited budget, what can you do to attract and engage a wider spectrum of candidates to your business?

Start from the top

It’s no secret that the majority of board level executives in the UK are male and middle-aged. Research has shown that there are a multitude of reasons why men dominate these high-level roles, with affinity bias topping the list.

Affinity bias occurs when hiring or promotion decision makers subconsciously gravitate towards the candidates that best reflect their own characteristics.

Although not the sole reason for most board level positions been taken by men in their 50’s, affinity bias is a common occurrence. Removing any kind of bias from your selection process is key to achieving a more diverse workforce, and by starting from the very top of the corporate ladder and working your way down you pave the way for a new culture that is free from any type of subconscious discrimination and welcomes a diverse workforce.

Apprentices from diverse backgrounds

Seeking to improve workplace diversity can be achieved by engaging with apprentices from diverse backgrounds. Supporting new employees on apprenticeships is an excellent way of injecting new enthusiasm, ideas and opens your business up for applications for those candidates who have little or no experience in your industry.

If your current workforce lacks diversity, then entry level positions can help tempt those from different backgrounds into the arena. With careful support and nurturing, these apprentices can ensure that your plans for workplace diversity remain secure for many years to come.

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