An interviewer’s guide to making a good impression

Attracting great quality candidates to your vacancies is harder than ever, so if you’ve managed to line up some prospective star candidates, it’s essential you go all out to make a good impression when it comes to the interview.

Gone are the days when it was solely the candidates that were looking to tick all the right boxes, as jobseekers are now more selective than ever when it comes to accepting a new role.

It’s just as important as an interviewer to make a good impression on these candidates in the hope that your number one choice likes you just as much as you like them. Remember, candidates are often in the running for several roles at the same time, so you need to provide them with a great candidate experience when it comes to the interview stage.

Here’s our five minute interviewers guide to making a good impression.

Be welcoming and personable
You want to set your candidates at ease from the very start of the interview, so make small talk before starting to fire questions at them.

Be friendly and polite to each candidate, as by giving off an impression that you’re not particularly personable will make the candidate question if they want to work for someone who comes across as cool or distant.

Be an ambassador
The interview stage is just as much a fact finding mission for the candidate as it is for the employer, so when you’re discussing the role don’t just talk about what the successful applicant will be expected to do.

Drop in some of the perks of the role where possible and show how positive you are about the company you work for and its plans for the future.

Build on the relationship
If you’re really keen on the candidate, then don’t let them leave without giving them the option to talk to you again.

Thank them for their time at the end of the interview and give them a business card so if they wish to chase up the status of their application they can. If you’re thinking of offering them the role, then they’ll already have your contact details should they have any questions.

If you’re not so sure that they’re the best fit for this position but could be suitable for another role in the future, then ask them to connect with you on LinkedIn. Good quality candidates don’t stay on the market forever, so even if they’re not successful this time try and build on the relationship so you can contact them again should another vacancy arise.

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