Is your workload demotivating you?

We all have those days where we drag ourselves out of bed, not looking forward to the prospect of another busy day in the office. But if it’s happening day after day, it’s time to question if you’ve just got too much on your plate or have lost your motivation for other reasons?

No-one likes feeling flat and uninspired to put in a good days work, after all that’s what we get paid for, but will many businesses gearing up in response to growth in the UK economy many of us are feeling overwhelmed which leads to demotivation.

If your nodding your head in agreement, then maybe now’s the time to try and get your get up and go back or consider moving to pastures new.

Re-address you work / life balance
Statistics show that many of us can spend an additional 2 hours a week working which we receive not financial remuneration for. Sure, nobody wants to be in hot water with management if a project isn’t delivered on time but if you find yourself still at your desk when everyone else has long gone frequently then you’re on the road to total work burnout.

Do yourself a favour, go home on time. Many of the most productive people I know have clear boundaries on their cut-off times which allows them to unwind and really relax ready for the next day. Staring at a computer screen into the early hours will just leave you frazzled and demotivated the next day.

Use time management tools
If your struggling to cram everything into your day, then being realistic to what you can (and can’t) achieve is essential. Use your Outlook calendar (or whatever time management tools you have available) to schedule your day and keep you on track.

If you find yourself getting distracted by others, politely explain you’re working to a deadline. Better still, if there’s an empty chair near to your work space get rid of it. People are far less likely to hang around for a long chat if there’s nowhere for them to sit!

Also, make sure you log the time taken to do each task and keep it handy as you’ll need this for my next point.

Learn to say no nicely
We’re all busy, but when you can prove in black and white just how long all of your daily tasks take then you’ve got some back up if you have to turn down additional work. Saying to your direct manager ‘no, I’m sorry I can’t take that on right now’ is completely different to showing them just how stacked your workload is and how much spare time you don’t have.

This log is also a useful tool when discussing redistribution of workloads and even as leverage for pay increase negotiation.

Time to move on?
If you’ve taken action on the steps below then hopefully the load is starting to feel a little bit lighter. However, if you’re still struggling with your workload it’s time to have a sit down with your boss to discuss what can be done to help your situation. If no help is forthcoming and your still feeling overwhelmed, now might be the time to consider moving on.

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