Job hunting under the radar

So, you’ve finally decided that the time has come for you to move on from your current employer to find pastures new – but you’re worried that your job hunting will somehow be detected by your current employer.

Now I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how awkward it would be if your employer found out you were looking to leave, so instead I’m going to offer you some advice on successful job hunting under the radar.

Keep it quiet

Although you might be tempted to tell a few close workmates that you’re planning of finding a new job, I’d be very cautious of unveiling your plans until you’ve actually landed a new role.

You might be friendly with these people, but you never know if they’ll slip up and let the cat out of the bag, or pass on your plans to management in a pitiful attempt to earn some brownie points.
Not only that, they might be in a similar situation themselves and if you’ve spotted a great job opportunity they might take it upon themselves to put in an application.

Social media slip ups

Social media is a great tool if you’re job hunting, but make sure you don’t go changing your LinkedIn profile to state your seeking new opportunities if you don’t want the rest of your network to see it.

Likewise, don’t go posting your job hunting strategy all over Facebook, as you never know who might see it.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t do some work on your social media profile to make sure that it will be an asset to your job search.
Our blog discusses how you can use Social Media to boost your job search.

Talk to a reputable agency

If you’re interested in seeing what’s available on the job market, but want someone to work on your behalf to send out your CV without uncovering your identity in the first few stages of the recruitment process, then seek out a reputable recruitment agency.

This can be especially useful for candidate’s job hunting in a sector where companies are somehow closely linked.  Word gets around and you don’t want your name to be revealed unless the business is interested in taking the relationship further. A good recruitment agency won’t usually reveal the full name of a candidate unless the company wishes to invite them for an interview.

For more helpful tips and advice on job hunting under the radar, speak to one of our friendly recruitment specialists today on 01782 338787.

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