Job Search: Agency help Vs. DIY approach

When you’re starting out on your new job search, you might think that a do it yourself approach is your best bet of landing that dream job.

But are you really getting the best career advice and options by going it alone?

In this article I’ll explore the differences between engaging with a recruitment agency and taking matters into your own hands when tracking down your next role.

Your CV
As soon as you’re thinking about a career move, it’s essential that you take the time to dust off your CV and refresh it. You might think that your CV is fine as it is, perhaps you’ve shown it to family or friends who agree – but what would an employer think?

Here’s where engaging with a professional recruitment consultancy can help. Knowing what makes an employer take notice of your application or what puts it to the bottom of the pile is a finely honed skill that many time served recruitment consultants have. So getting their help and advice on your CV is a real bonus for any serious job seeker.

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Your options
Trawling across countless jobs boards and websites in search of your dream career is a one-way ticket to a job search headache. Not only is it time consuming, but you might only be searching for one particular role when there are plenty more out there that you might not have even considered.

By contacting a local recruitment consultant, not only can you gain access to current roles in your area, by they’ll also be able to give you expert advice on up-coming opportunities that haven’t yet been advertised or aren’t listed online.

Not only are these consultant’s experts in job matching, but they also have valuable insights into the local recruitment landscape and the employers seeking new staff.

Your aspirations
Sending a covering letter is a good way of explaining why you’re interested in a particular role, but getting to know someone one-on-one and discussing your career goals, aspirations and options is a far better way of finding your perfect match.

Getting together with an experienced recruitment consultant allows you to really express your aspirations for the future far better than any letter can, and will help you to find that all important position that matches your goals, lifestyle and plans for future development.

There’s still a myth surrounding recruitment agencies that they charge candidates for their services – this simply isn’t true as costs are recovered from the employers end and only once your happily settled into your new job.

So what have you got to lose? If your starting your search for your next opportunity then don’t go it alone, contact us today on 01782 338787 or email and take advantage of the expert help and advice on offer.