Job Search Etiquette

Like many social situations, there’s a list of unwritten rules of how to behave. Job search etiquette follows similar guidelines, and it pays to be aware of what’s expected to give your application the best possible chance of being viewed in a favourable light.

Here’s our four top tips on job search etiquette when looking for a new opportunity.

Follow the application instructions

The first rule of job search etiquette is to listen to what the employer is asking you to do. Some vacancies ask you to provide a covering letter, others may request that you send example of previous work or details of relevant projects.

Whatever the employer requests, if you’re truly interested in the role you need to respond appropriately. Don’t just ping over your CV and hope for the best.

Be appreciative

If you’ve got through to the interview stage, make sure that you thank the employer for the opportunity to meet with them. Companies only have a limited time to spend with each candidate. The fact that they’re willing to put aside a portion of it to see you is worthy of some acknowledgement.

This can be done at the time of invitation, either by phone or email.

Be consistent

Following your interview, it’s a good idea to again thank the employer for their time and to reaffirm your interest in the role now that you’ve been able to discuss the vacancy in more detail.

By doing this, not only are you being polite and gracious, but you’re showing the people in charge of making the hiring decision that you understand the process and are able to follow things up properly.

Negotiate nicely

If all has gone to plan and you’re offered the position you’ll find that the employer will have spent time putting together a remuneration package before contacting you. Should what they initially offer not be what you were hoping for, now is the time to negotiate.

But before you start trying to push up the salary, I’d advise you to thank them for the opportunity and ask them if they’d allow you a few hours to think about the offer. This way you can think about the package as a whole and if you still find the offer lacking in some respect, you can consider why you would be justified in asking for a higher salary or better perks.

Come back to them within 24 hours with your thoughts and work with them to find a common ground that suits both parties.

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