Is lack of internal support hindering your productivity?

Up to 20 working days per annum is being lost due to a lack of internal support found in various industries and organisations throughout the UK.

Following on from a recent survey supported by the UK Government, statistics show that employees are wasting valuable working hours due to an absence or shortage of internal expertise to help them to carry out their assigned responsibilities.

Findings reported by the Government into lost productivity collaborate these figures with the UK reporting 32% less productivity compared to Germany in terms of GDP output per hour worked.

On average, employees spent around two hours looking for help per search, with 27% of employees eventually giving up – leaving projects improperly resourced or incomplete.

Of those who continue with their search for assistance, only 40% of respondents found the response adequate enough to progress the project.

As part of the research, respondents were also asked their preferred techniques for searching skilled assistance. Results included: contacting personal networks (50%); internet / intranet searches (74%); and walking around the office to ask colleagues (26%).

Acquiring new talent to help keep up with the demand for internal support is one of the key concerns for HR Managers, with over 50% citing that recruiting good quality staff to help fill technical and support roles is one of the most challenging elements of their role.

The additional stress and strain to current employees is also making employee retention harder than ever, with many under-resourced organisations reporting a high volume of staff turnover for these very reasons.

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