New years’ resolutions that will enhance your career

By now, many of us will have made (and probably broken) at least one New Years’ resolution. But what if this year you choose to ditch the trialled and failed standard promises and focus on something that’s not only attainable, but is set to enhance your career prospects in 2016?

Now of course commitment, capability and motivation all come into play when it comes to keeping any resolution and over 75% of us fail to keep them for more than one month (I failed miserably laying off the Prosecco on day two) so setting an achievable goal to boost your career is the way to go.

Here’s my top three career enhancing resolutions for 2016 to give you a good starting point:

1.     Learn something practical

Now I’m not advising that you go out and enrol at your local University because many of us simply don’t have the time, but do a little research into some short courses or even online self-study that will help you in your current role.

There are some fantastic online resources in time management, effective communication and people skills or even advanced Microsoft Office training that’s low cost or even free and can be done at your own pace. Every hour spent doing something that adds polish to your current skill set is an investment in you and your future career.

2.     Read something relevant

Put down the latest fiction best seller and seek out something that inspires or motivates you. This doesn’t necessarily need to be a book on business, it could be a guide or biography but choose a title that will give you something you can take away from the experience.

Take a look online, in an independent book shop or library that will give you food for thought and inspire you to advance.

3.     Stretch yourself

If you want to move up or broaden your skills, then you’ll need to stop living in that cosy little world that just contains tasks that you do day in, day out. Stretch yourself and volunteer to get involved in something outside your usual remit, such as helping out at a company event.

This new experience will likely offer you a new learning experience, introduce you to new people and allow you to try your hand at a new practical skill. You never know where this exposure to something new might take you, so step out of your comfort zone.

So rethink your resolutions for 2016, make sure they are achievable, practical and will result in a positive impact on your career. Good luck!

  • – Emma
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