Helping you prepare for your interview

Did you know 52% of interviewers make their decision about a candidate in between five and fifteen minutes of the interview starting? Now you’ve been invited to an interview your preparation is the key to making a lasting impression. We share some advice and top tips about how to prepare for your interview and calm your pre interview nerves.

Do your homework

Before applying for a job we all have a quick look at the company’s website to see if they’re someone we want to work for. Before your interview it’s a good idea to refresh yourself. Look at their latest news items, have they had any events running or new product launches? Being able to mention something you saw on their website during your interview shows you are really interested in the company and the job. Reviewing their website will also help you think of questions you would like to ask them.

Plan how you’ll get there

You’ve probably already found out where you need to be and estimated how long it should take you to get there, but it’s always good to have a back-up plan. What alternate methods of transport could you rely on to get yourself to the interview on time, if your car decides not to start or your bus is cancelled? Give yourself plenty of time, we can never plan for road works or congestion. You can always grab a coffee at a nearby café if you’re early. If you do get held up, get in touch with the interviewer and let them know you may be late. Most people are understanding of unforeseen road closures and will be ok as long as you’ve kept in touch.

Revisit the job description and your CV

Employers will base a lot of their questions around the job description, after all the interview is designed to make sure you can do the job you’ve applied for. Review your CV and think of examples you could use in your previous roles that would illustrate the skills you’ve listed. Real examples of work you’ve done will reassure the employer that you have the right experience.

Practise answering questions

Doing research on the most common interview questions and practising your answers is a great way to calm pre interview nerves and prepare what to include in your responses, with examples and results. Try answering the questions out load or get a friend to do a mock interview with you. Lots of people worry about freezing during an interview, practising will help stop you going blank or getting tongue tied on the day.

Prepare questions for them

At the end of the interview the interviewer will ask you if you have any questions. Get a list of questions you’d like to ask them together. If you have been given the answers during your interview you can just say, I did have questions but you’ve answered them during the interview.

Prepare what you are going to wear

Although a lot of workplaces are a lot more casual these days, you still want to make a good first impression.  choose a smart, tailored and mostly corporate looking outfit that gives you a neat and professional appearance. Don’t leave this until the last minute. Make sure to plan what you are going to wear the night before to make sure it’s not creased or needs washing; this also takes away last-minute rushing.

Worried about forgetting names?

Your invite should tell you who is going to be interviewing you, so take a note of this. Then when you are introduced repeat their name when you say hello and shake hands. If the detail of who’s interviewing you isn’t on your invite, ring up the HR department and ask. Check out their profile on LinkedIn, you’ll know what they look like and what their role is in the company.  This will help you prepare mentally for your interview.

Try to relax and smile

Remember the interview is an opportunity for you to see if the company is right for you too. Smile and try to enjoy the experience.

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