The real cost of disengaged employees

Disengaged employees cost companies thousands of pounds per year in lost productivity. From above average sick days, unauthorised absences and under performance at work, each disengaged employee can cost a business around £3,000 per year.

Multiply this number and you’re looking at a hefty loss year upon year if you fail to address the key causes and remedy the problem that causing your employees to lack the motivation to come to work and be productive whilst they’re there.

Sadly, one disengaged employee can have a knock-on effect on the rest of their team, with other employees feeling resentful if another isn’t pulling their weight at work, or if their generally gloomy outlook starts to affect the positive atmosphere in the office.

So, what can you do to turn the situation around and turn disengaged employees into motivated workers?

Talk to them
Instead of hauling them over hot coals in a bid to get them to pull their socks up, have a friendly chat to see if there are any issues you perhaps weren’t aware of that are affecting your employee’s performance. There may be a situation at home where the employee might benefit from some time off, a training need that’s been overlooked or an issue with a co-worker that you could help to address.

Once you know the reason for the problem, do what you can to help and the employee will repay your support and understanding once the situation is resolved.

Get them involved
If a previously star worker has started to slip without good reason, then it could be down to them not feeling sufficiently challenged in their role. Without new opportunities to learn new skills or not being pushed to discover new potential, some employees can become bored with their role if they don’t feel like they are achieving anything.

If your disengaged employee has the potential to achieve more, then offer them a challenge such as a new project, a target to aim for or let them try their hand at something new and see if their attitude towards their work improves.
Luckily for us, a recent study has shown the workers in the Midlands are amongst the most engaged employees in the entire UK. But with all surveys, there’s going to be exceptions to the rule. Therefore, it’s always best to address any underlying causes for employee disengagement as soon as they arise.