Restarting your career after a break

Restarting your career after a break can be a daunting experience for the best of us. Many of us take a career break to raise a family or try something new and no matter what field you are trying to get back into, you’ll need to prove that your time away hasn’t diminished your skills.

For some industries, technology and processes can change quickly and what you might have been used to three years ago is now a thing of the past.

But before you panic and think that you’re past your sell by date career-wise, read through our top tips for restarting your career after a break and show prospective new employers that you still have a lot to offer.

Give your CV some TLC
If you’re looking to re-join the workforce after a break, then chances are that your CV needs a little TLC. It’s time to fill in any gaps and add some real polish in order to get your CV up to scratch. If the thought of spending hours mulling over your skills and experience fills you with dread then don’t worry, we can help!

Our free CV surgery gives you the opportunity to have your CV assessed by a qualified and time-served recruitment consultant who will offer you expert advice on how to make the most out of your accomplishments and get you noticed by the best employers. Click here to find out more.

Refresh your knowledge
If you’re feeling a little rusty, then maybe you could do with a bit of a skills refresh to get up to date with any changes that might of occurred whilst you’ve been away. Keep an eye out for articles, workshops or seminars using LinkedIn groups.

Many of these events are online and free of charge and won’t just help you to update your knowledge, but can also help give you a much needed confidence boost if you’re a little wary of returning to work. Doing so also shows employers that you’ve been keeping your finger on the pulse and still have an active interest in your chosen role or industry.

Get connected
If your CV has been gathering dust, then it’s likely that your LinkedIn profile could do with an update too. Make sure your profile is as up to date as it can be and states that your actively seeking new opportunities. Employers are really receptive to people looking to return to work after a career break and are seeking out candidates is all areas so make it clear that you’re back on the market.

It’s also worth expanding your network of connections as the more people you connect with, the higher your visibility.

For more expert advice on restarting your career after a break, talk to our friendly team of consultants today on 01782 338787 and we’ll help you make the move back into the workplace.