Why do I need to prove I’m eligible to work in the UK?

Proving ID and right to work in the UK

If you’ve been looking for work in the UK, you’ll notice that agencies and employers ask for your ID to prove who you are and whether you’re eligible to work in the UK. Many of our candidates are asking us the same questions about this, so we’ve pulled together a quick Q & A to…

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National Minimum/Living Wage

The national minimum wage (NMW) and national living wage is a legal right which covers almost all workers in the UK. It became law on 1 April 1999 to prevent unduly low pay and also to help create a level playing field for employers. The national minimum wage is revised each April following recommendations by…

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Understanding your contract of employment

Understanding your contract of employement

Everyone has a contract of employment, many of us will have a printed version whilst some may never have actually been given a paper version. Regardless of if you have a verbal or written contract of employment, they are still a binding agreement between yourself and your employer. Your contract of employment can be tricky…

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