How to write a great CV

Does your CV pass the 6 second filter

Getting your CV noticed in 6 seconds  Many employers are inundated with CVs, so it’s not surprising that they have very little time to spend on each CV when they’re shortlisting candidates for new jobs.  It might come as a bit of a shock, but the time spent looking at applications and CVs can be…

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How to write the ultimate covering letter

Writing a covering letter that stands out

Although the popularity of covering letters has waned in recent years, some employers still insist that you provide one or a covering email when submitting your job application. By ignoring their request and just applying without one, you run the risk of being perceived as someone who can’t follow simple instructions, are unable to create…

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Why career coaching could work for you

Career coaching

When you’re stuck in a role that makes you miserable, or know where you’re headed career-wise but aren’t sure how to get there, then career coaching could work for you. Career coaching has really taken off in recent years and with good reason. No longer a tool for those earning a high income, access to…

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Job Search Etiquette

Job search etiquette rules

Like many social situations, there’s a list of unwritten rules of how to behave. Job search etiquette follows similar guidelines, and it pays to be aware of what’s expected to give your application the best possible chance of being viewed in a favourable light. Here’s our four top tips on job search etiquette when looking…

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Understanding your contract of employment

Understanding your contract of employement

Everyone has a contract of employment, many of us will have a printed version whilst some may never have actually been given a paper version. Regardless of if you have a verbal or written contract of employment, they are still a binding agreement between yourself and your employer. Your contract of employment can be tricky…

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