5 Steps to help you negotiate a pay rise

Thinking of asking for a pay rise? We share 5 steps to help you get the best pay rise

Seeing other businesses offer their employees pay rises to help them cope with rising costs will have many of us thinking how they should approach their employers for a pay rise. How much you’re paid is certainly one of the highest motivating factors for every employee. What benefits and the environment they work in are…

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Tips to prepare for a Psychometric test

psychometric testing provides in depth information to make informed hiring decisions

Psychometric tests: how to prepare We have lots of candidates asking us about psychometric tests, whether it’s possible to prepare for them and how they can prepare. Many employers use psychometric tests as part of their recruitment process. They’re used commonly in graduate jobs, work placements and internships but psychometric tests are used across all…

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Use LinkedIn to boost your job search

Linkedin profile

LinkedIn was created as an online social networking platform for professionals. You should use it to connect and forge productive and successful working relationships worldwide with professionals in your field. However, there are a number of elements where you can fail to follow the codes of conduct expected of a professional network which can damage…

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What to do if you’ve missed your perfect job opportunity

You’ve finally found your perfect job opportunity, it’s got the perks, salary package and career progression you’ve always dreamed about. Problem is you’ve missed the application date or simply don’t have the time to spring clean your CV before the deadline. Before you start beating yourself up on missing out on the job you’ve been…

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Why do I need to prove I’m eligible to work in the UK?

Proving ID and right to work in the UK

If you’ve been looking for work in the UK, you’ll notice that agencies and employers ask for your ID to prove who you are and whether you’re eligible to work in the UK. Many of our candidates are asking us the same questions about this, so we’ve pulled together a quick Q & A to…

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