How to stop sabotaging your candidate application numbers

Stop sabotaging your applicant numbers

Are your candidate application numbers falling short of the response you expected? With high employment rates and so many opportunities available for potential jobseekers then it’s easy blame a strong economy for a lower than average number of CV’s for each vacancy. However, there are a few elements that seriously put candidates off applying for…

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Why was my job offer rejected?

Why was your job offer rejected

The recruitment process can be a time consuming and intensive process, so when you think you’ve found the perfect person for the role only for them to reject your job offer it’s natural to be disappointed. Your job offer may have been rejected for several factors and reasons but instead of becoming frustrated at the…

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Where Have All the Candidates Gone

Where have all the job applicants gone

At Appointments Personnel we understand how difficult it is to recruit industrial staff for jobs in the Staffordshire and Cheshire areas. So where are the industrial candidates and how can you attract them to your business? The Industrial Staff Shortage – What’s Happening? At the beginning of September (2021), the CBI (Confederation of British Industry)…

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How to Manage Temps for Success

Managing temporary workers

How to Manage Temporary Workers Success There were just over 1.63 million temporary workers (also called temps) in the UK in July 2021. Almost 10,000 vacancies for temporary workers being advertised in Staffordshire and Cheshire. Temporary workers provide significant benefits to companies in the industrial sector. Firstly, they can help businesses when they are understaffed…

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Changing the Perceptions of Manufacturing, Logistics and Engineering

In 2020, every industry felt the effects of the pandemic. When much of the world had to stay at home, manufacturing and logistics companies, with many technical and engineering roles within, stayed open. While tough for many workers, it was vital to ensure that production and supply of essential goods remained intact. Production pivoted entirely,…

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Why your Business needs a Recruitment Plan for 2022

A 2021 CIPD Resourcing survey reported that just 30% of organisations report that their CEO has had talent management, including talent attraction, as a key priority over the last 12 months. This represents a substantial fall compared with 2020 at 48%, and 2017 at 54%. Clearly, the immediate challenges of the pandemic demanded a different…

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Find the Perfect Fit: Behavioural Interview Questions – Part 2

Behavioural interview questions is such a vast topic, so to avoid boring you all with a long post we thought we’d split this into a mini-series. If you missed Part 1, don’t worry – you can click here to read it now. So in our final part of behavioural interview questions we get right down…

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Find the Perfect Fit: Behavioural Interview Questions – Part 1

So you’re pretty sure that your shortlist of candidates are able to carry out the role you’re looking to fill. Great! But what about when it comes to the ‘fit’ with your organisation’s values, culture and the existing team you’re hoping to slot them into? To avoid personality clashes or unwanted character traits sneaking in…

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