Temp jobs soar in the run up to Christmas

Once seen as a stop gap between gaining a permanent position, the amount of candidates benefitting from the rising number of temp jobs has increased dramatically over the past three years.

Temp jobs offer greater flexibility, a foot in the door to new industries or the chance to try something completely different for jobseekers who are looking for something new.

Not just reserved for retail workers, temp jobs cover the whole spectrum of industries and functions including customer service, accountancy, HR, order processing, administration and so much more.

If you’re thinking at trying your hand at something new, want to re-join the workforce after a break or earn some extra cash on the run up to Christmas then now is an ideal time to take advantage of the amount of temp jobs flooding into the market.

As companies experience a peak in sales during the festive period, then all business functions begin to feel the pressure. Taking on a spare pair of hands is often the way that many companies cope with fluctuations in seasonal demand, so there’s plenty of great opportunities just waiting to be discovered.

Temp jobs can last anything from one day to several years, so there’s plenty of flexible vacancies to fit around your responsibilities and can offer a better work / life balance than many permanent positions. What’s more, temp jobs also offer virtually the same working rights as permanent workers, so there’s little risk of you being short changed in a temporary position.

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