How temp work supports modern lifestyles

Following on from recent surveys, it’s apparent that as individuals we’ve never been so busy. Juggling work, family commitments and other responsibilities can leave us feeling completely frazzled – but what if there was a way of restoring the perfect work / life balance?

More and more people are tuning in to the benefits of temp work to help manage their busy lives and to regain a sense of freedom from the standard 9-5 Monday to Friday role.

At Appointments, we’ve seen a surge in the amount of experienced and qualified candidates who are opting for temp work to help them continue working whilst meeting other responsibilities or fulfilling personal goals.

Here’s a few examples of how temp work can help support our busy modern lifestyles:

Working parents

Spending more time with our children is top of the list of priorities for many working parents, so it comes as no surprise that many candidates are utilising temp work as a way to at home during school holidays.

Temporary positions can last from as little as a week to years, so the ability to take on a role for a set period of time is a real benefit for parents who wish to continue working but also want to spend the school holidays with their families without the guilt of having to ask an employer for time off.

Upskilling and training

Trying to fit in work between studying or undertaking long-term training can be exhausting. Having to pack up your notebook and dash to a part-time role isn’t just tiring, it also leaves you less time to concentrate on your studies.

Training courses or academic study generally have set start dates and periods where you’ll have extended breaks, so why not fit in a few weeks of temp work to boost your bank balance?
Temp work is also an excellent way to broaden your skill set to help you on your way to that dream career.

For more details on why temp work could be a good option for you, speak to the team at Appointments today.