Temporary Recruitment Solutions.

Recruitment Solutions

Recruitment Solutions


Hiring a temp is ideal if you need someone quickly or you need to maintain flexibility in your workforce.

Taking on temp workers will help you plug any gaps quickly, whether you’re:

  • facing unexpected increase in demand for work,
  • experiencing overload for a short period of time,
  • need to cover an absence due to sickness or annual leave or maternity leave
  • are implementing transformational change.

How does it work?

  • You give us a detailed job brief for your temp job vacancy.
  • We check our database of interviewed temp workers who are available immediately.
  • We select suitable candidates for your role.
  • Candidates asked if they're interested in the role and we check they have the skills you need.
  • You pick temp worker shortlist you'd like to interview.
  • Select best candidate by interview.
  • Contract issued.
  • Your new employee starts work.
  • You're invoiced each month.

Why use this service?

Using a temp can help you deliver that order faster, deliver that project on time or even give you breathing space whilst you make the right hiring decision.

Every month, we place hundreds of people into temp assignments across Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire and Cheshire.

What are the benefits?

  • Faster recruitment
  • Instant impact
  • Flexibility as and when you need it
  • Highly skilled workers use to slotting in quickly
  • Cost effective
  • Pre screened and assessed, ready to work immediately
  • Providing a fresh perspective backed by experience
  • No administrative hassle, your temp is legally employed by us so we're responsible for them, for paying them etc.

Temporary Recruitment Service

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Temp FAQs.

For permanent recruitment, you instruct us to find the most suitable candidate for your vacancy. You’re the legal employer and responsible for the candidate's employment, salary, pension and costs associated with absenteeism in the workplace. Read more about permanent recruitment.

If you want to be completely unburdened choose temporary employment. For temp workers we handle the recruitment and selection. We’re the candidate's legal employer and responsible for the contract, salary, pensions and payment for any absenteeism.

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Find The Talent You Need

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