Torn between two candidates? How to make the right decision

One job and two star candidates is certainly a good place to be, but unless you’re willing to open up another role for one of them then you still have a problem.

When it comes to making a recruitment decision between the two, you need to ask yourself some tough questions to get to the bottom of who will be the successful new employee.

Determining what you really need from your candidates in the first place is what led you to shortlist the two seemingly perfect individuals in the first place, so we can make the assumption that they both have comparable skills as detailed in your job description.

Determining what you really need as a first priority for the role is the first step towards making that decision. Which candidate best satisfies this priority right now?

You might need to make a note of your priorities for the role in order of importance and then work your way through to see which candidate best meets these points

But employing a new team member is so much more than checking off skills on a list, the candidate’s ability to fit with your team and company culture is equally as important as their qualifications and skills.

Ask yourself which of the two you’d be most comfortable spending time with? Which candidate do you feel would blend in best with the existing team? Does one exhibit more of the characteristics you look for in an employee than the other?

Next you’ll need to use a little forward vision and look at each candidate’s skills as an indicator of their future potential. You’re looking for an employee with the potential to grow and develop within their role and has the motivation to advance to the next stage of their career. Look for the candidate who seems to have the most enthusiasm to climb the career ladder.

Whatever you decide, you’re certain to gain a fantastic new employee.