Your complete guide to temporary employment

What is temping?

Temping or temporary employment can last as little as a day or be ongoing and last many years, so long as both candidate and employer are happy to continue with the contract.

Temporary positions are available as both full and part time contracts and temp workers also enjoy the same working rights as permanent employees (e.g. holiday allowances, sick leave etc.)

The length of the contract is advised at the beginning and in some cases can lead to a permanent position. 42% of our temporary positions become long term or have permanent prospects.

The benefits of temping

Temporary working has many benefits. It gives you the chance to gain experience, provides an opportunity to develop new skills and enhance your CV plus allows you to try your hand at something new.

Many of our candidates enjoy the flexibility temping gives them, some prefer to work a small number of roles throughout the year to fit around other commitments whilst others use it to re-enter the job market after a break.

Temping also gives candidates the opportunity to work in various industries and roles, which is ideal if you’re looking for a more long term career but are unsure of what you want to do long term.

Why temp with Appointments?

We strive to source the most outstanding career opportunities for you and provide the best possible people to our clients. It’s important to us that we build long-term relationships with all of our candidates so we take a personal approach to helping you find the right job.

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach here!

Our experienced and professional consultants listen to your needs and aspirations and together will seek out the perfect position that suits your personal circumstances.

We work together with some of the region’s most prestigious clients in a wide range of roles and industries, so whatever your career goals are we’ve got the perfect position waiting for you.

We’re passionate about what we do, and it shows in the high level of service we provide to our candidates. We’ve been building strong relationships with many of them for years, so it’s no surprise that a lot of our new candidates come to us through recommendations from friends and family.

What you can expect from us

We make a promise to all of our candidates that we will work with them and always keep their best interests at heart. For us, a happy candidate is what we’re all about, so we go the extra mile to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with every element of our service to you.

As part of this promise, we offer additional services free of charge that you’d struggle to find anywhere else:

  • Access to a free CV surgery where our experienced consultants will fine tune your CV and give it that extra polish to really make it stand out in the job market
  • Discuss your career goals in depth and get to know you before introducing you to reputable employers that fit your aspirations and needs perfectly
  • Give you full details on all job opportunities and seek your feedback and full approval before sending your CV out
  • Provide you with free interview tips, advice and resources and make sure you’re fully prepared to meet prospective new employers
  • Keep in touch with you during your assignment whilst you settle in
  • Always be on hand to support you with any concerns, questions or general advice at any point of your assignment.

In some cases, we even like to pay some of our candidates a quick visit to make sure they’re happy in their new position.

So what happen next?

The diagram below gives you an at a glance idea of how our temping process works, starting from the moment you submit your CV. We’ll then get in touch for a brief chat and arrange a convienient time for you to come in and see us to register.

Registration Meeting

We believe in getting to know our candidates on a personal level so we get a better understanding of exactly what you’re looking for.

Our registration meetings are a great way for us to and find out what is important to you in your next position and to match your skills and career goals to a suitable position. The meeting lasts approximately one hour and includes a face to face interview with your designated consultant and some computer based general assessment tests. If you have any special requirements for undertaking these tests then just let us know, we’ll make the arrangements to accommodate you.

We ask all candidates to complete a brief form on our website before coming in to see us. It’s short, straightforward and just gives us a few more details about you so we can prepare for our meeting.

We’ll also ask you to bring in some documentation to prove you have the right to work in the UK, this is standard practice in the recruitment industry and your consultant will tell you exactly what you need to bring with you beforehand.

The search begins!

Once we’ve met you at the registration meeting and discovered exactly what you’re looking for, we’ll get straight to work sorting through suitable current opportunities and contacting employers on your behalf to seek out your perfect position.

Your consultant will be in touch within 24 hours to keep you up to date with details of the search and to discuss any opportunities.

We will never give your CV to an employer without your consent and will keep all of your personal information safe.

Pre-Interview Stage

Once we’ve found you a role that sounds right up your street and the interview has been arranged, we’ll fully prepare you to meet with the employer by giving you an in-depth brief on the role and all the details you’ll need on the day. We’ll also provide you with expert interview advice and guidance to give you that little extra something when meeting your prospective new employer.

Post Interview

After the interview we’ll contact the employer to ask for their feedback on the interview. Afterwards we’ll give you a call to pass this on and to see how you felt about the experience.

If both parties are happy and an agreement can be made, we’ll send you a summary of the temporary assignment detailing all of the information you’ll need to know about the role.

We’ll also give you a call on your first day to see how you’re settling in and if there’s anything we can do to support you in your new role.


What types of role do Appointments Personnel recruit for?

We recruit office professionals for various roles including accounts, customer service, administration, data entry, call centre, reception, secretarial, marketing, HR and managerial positions and many more!

Do Appointments Personnel recruit for part-time positions?

Yes, although not as common as full time positions, we do recruit for positions on a part time basis.

Can I take on temporary positions whilst looking for permanent roles?

Yes you can! Many candidates take on temporary positions whilst searching the perfect permanent role. Taking on temporary assignments is also a good way to see which environment suit you best.

How do I register with Appointments Personnel?

To register with Appointments Personnel, you will need to initially register and upload your CV via our website or send us a copy of your CV, preferably via email to

One of our qualified recruitment specialists will then contact you if we have a suitable job opportunity to discuss with you and will then be able to arrange a registration meeting.

At any time, you will also be able to view our live vacancies on our website through our jobs board facility and apply for any positions of interest directly.

I have applied for a job but I haven’t heard anything back?

Due to the large number of applicants, only those shortlisted for interviews will be contacted by an Appointments Personnel recruitment specialist. We aim to get back to all shortlisted candidates within 48 hours. If you haven’t heard from us, it is likely you have not been shortlisted for this role and will contact you if any suitable vacancies arise.

What information do you need from me to obtain references?

Appointments Personnel’s referencing policy is two years references from the present day. Should there be any career gaps on your CV, then these gaps must be justified and supported by a character reference. Character references must not be related to you and must be in a professional position, e.g. doctor, police officer, teacher etc. You must have known this person during your career gaps.

Do I have to accept every job I am offered?

No – if you do not feel that the temporary position we have offered you is suitable for you, please let us know as soon as possible.

What is the code of conduct whilst on assignments?

Whilst representing Appointments Personnel, we ask that you adhere to our code of conduct. This includes being punctual and treating all information that you come into contact with while you are working in an assignment in the strictest confidence.

The use of client’s equipment to browse the internet, including social media sites, send personal emails or make personal calls is not permitted. Mobile phones should always be switched off during working hours.

We pride ourselves on our outstanding service so please remember you are the face of Appointments Personnel when you are on a client site!

What is the dress code on assignments?

For each assignment the dress code can be different, as a general rule smart business dress is acceptable, you will be advised when you accept a temporary assignment of the company’s dress code.

What is the procedure for filling in a timesheet?

Once you have started an assignment you must download a timesheet from our website.

Your timesheet needs to be completed and faxed back to the payroll department by 10am on a Monday morning or at the end of your assignment.

Please make sure your timesheets are authorised by the client/hirer and dated correctly. If your timesheet is not received on time, this will result in your wages being delayed.

If you are working on an assignment where we have a number of workers placed, the client will complete your timesheet on your behalf and will submit this to Appointments Personnel each week. You will be advised when accepting your assignment if this is applicable to you.

When do I get paid?

You will receive your wages directly into your bank account one week in arrears. Pay day is always a Friday unless a bank holiday falls on this day.

Your payslip will be emailed to an email address of your choice each week. The standard password to open your electronic payslip is ‘Password’ with a capital ‘P’ and then lower case.

What happens if I am unable to attend work?

If you are going to be late or absent from work for whatever reason you must inform Appointments Personnel immediately. We will then inform the client/hirer of your absence, so that suitable cover can be arranged.

By the end of the day you must call us to advise if you will be back in work the following day. 24 Hour Absence Line on 01782 33 87 87

What do I need to do if I want to take a holiday?

You will need to download and complete a holiday request form from our website. Fill in the days that you would like to take as holiday, and then obtain signed authorisation from the client/hirer you are working for.

Once completed, fax your request form to Appointments Personnel on 01782 33 87 88 and we advise you to confirm receipt of the form, either by email or phone. Notice must be given before holidays are taken, e.g. for one week off, one week’s notice must be given.

Can I work overtime?

This can differ from client to client and each booking is treated in isolation. Please contact your consultant at Appointments Personnel before agreeing to work any overtime hours, who will be able to confirm with our client the overtime rule and provide you with details of any overtime pay rates. Please note overtime rates will not be paid as standard unless previously agreed with our client.

Will there be a notice period whilst on assignment?

If you wish to terminate your assignment early for whatever reason, although no formal notice is required, we do ask for 24 hours notice out of courtesy.

What if my temporary job becomes permanent?

Sometimes, temporary positions can become permanent. If this occurs, Appointments Personnel will ensure that you are sent your P45 and are paid all outstanding holiday entitlement. If you are approached directly by the company regarding permanent work, please inform your consultant immediately who will be able to assist you.

Who do I speak to if I have a problem?

Please contact your dedicated consultant or a member of the recruitment team who will be happy to help. Telephone 01782 33 87 87